Although the Term Human Capital has set off more emotions in the HR world than any other, all agree on the fact that people in any organization must be treated as an asset and not cost, where Human Capital is often represented as both a challenge and an opportunity; a Challenge to identify relevant measures and provide meaningful information which can be acted on, and an opportunity to both evaluate and maximize the value of people.

As much as 80% of your company’s value or worth is tied to your people and the way they perform.

Such key consequences in the Human Capital Management made us realize the importance of having a specialized stand alone Human Resources Consultancy that provides an array of HR services and initiatives to cater for Jordan and the Region, which would in turn provide a solid base for the existence of Human Capital today.

Human Capital is a specialized consulting Firm covering the business of Human Resources, concentrating on systemizing the HR components that lead to successful Human Capital Management in organizations; to name a few: Organizational Structuring, Job Analysis & Job Description Design, Recruitment & Selection System, Training & Development System, Authority & Responsibility Matrices Design, Internal HR Policies & Procedures, Performance Management System, Pay & Benefits System, Motivation & Incentives System, Career path Planning, Succession Planning, Human Resources Profiling, Competency Based HR and several other specialized consulting services that cater for very specific requirements for our clients.

Human Capital supported by well established strategic partners can cater for the executive search/Head Hunting services, Human Capital Training, Psychometric Testing, and Human Resources Management Systems/Software.


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